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L & L Classic Auto Has been owned and operated by Larry Harms for over 50 Years. Larry started this once small salvage yard as a body shop with one tow truck and a small property. Larry started collecting what were new cars at the time he would use the parts out of the cars he collected in the body shop. His collection grew over the years and he was then ordered by the City to remove the cars claming they were a "eye sore", so he started looking for a bigger piece of land outside city limits, that is when he purchased his current location. Larry started moving his cars out to his new location owning both properties for a little time, he then sold the body shop due to the fact that he was making more money at his new location. To this day Larry still has some of those first cars buried out at the "new" L&L Classic Auto. L&L classic Auto is located in Southern Idaho and has parts for almost every interest which includes Antique, Classic, muscle, domestic,and import vehicles.
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(208) 536-6607
We also offer towing services in the Magic Valley! So feel free to give us a call, if you have any towing or car removal needs!

Our 24 hour tow line is (208)539-6471. Just talk to Jesse!