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Parts gallery and inventory description
First page contains all of the GM makes, click the "Ford" or "Mopar" tabs to take you to those pages
Browse through our parts section, if you have a question or would like to inquire about a specific part please fill out our form submission on the "find it" page or feel free to call us (208)536-6607 or email [email protected]
38-54 Chevrolet cars
Lots of good sheet metal, and drive train parts (especially 49-54), Some 2 dr hardtop parts, NO convertibles.
Also a fair selection of N.O.S. parts. Approximately 200 cars in this year range. 
55-57 Chevrolet cars
Good selection of trim, sheet metal, drive train, doors, fenders, hoods, bumpers, floors, radiator supports, and deck lids. Some 2dr hardtop and nomad parts, NO convertibles. Also a fair selection of N.O.S. parts. Approximately 80-100 cars in this year range including wagons.
58-76 Chevrolet cars
Huge selection of this range of year!! Very good sheet metal selection. Good selection of 2 dr hardtop parts. Hoods, bumpers, grills, doors, quarters, and floors. Some 348, 396, and 409 parts including complete engines. Good selection of glass, and N.O.S. parts.
Very good selection in this year range, We have 6 and 8 cylinder cars, good grills, fenders, hoods, and floors. This includes 2 door hardtop parts.
Very good parts selection which includes Bumpers, Grills, sheet metal, Interior, and Trim. We have a heavier selection of 62-68 cars, we also have some wagons.
64-77 Tempest/GTO/Firebird
We have a fair selection in these years. Most of our GTOs were picked over years ago but we do still have some good parts left. We have several 69+ Grand Prixs in our inventory. We have some 67-69 Firebird parts, and cars. There are several 70-78 Firebird and Trans Am cars. Also we have 389,400,and 455 engines,TH 400 trans, and some with 
- Po codes.
HUGE selection of these years,Big body Olds. We have a hefty stock of 58-76  this includes but is not limited to Grills, bumpers, trim,interior, glass, suspension, engines, and trans. Some of these parts have been on the shelves for 25+ years that came from cars dismantled years ago. there is a good selection of Tornados and some N.O.S. parts.
A few cars in the range of years. Some grill pieces, and various sheet metal
61-87 Cutlass
We have a good selection of Cutlass parts including fenders, hoods, glass, bumpers, trim, drive trains, engines, transmissions, and some interior parts. We have some 442 specific parts left, and several 455 and 400 complete engines. We have some 61-63 Cutlasses in inventory with  215 engine parts and 2 door hardtop and convertible parts We have some N.O.S. GM parts in inventory. 
48-72 Chevrolet Trucks
We offer a good selection of fenders, hoods,grills, doors, and cabs. also offered are complete longbox beds, frames, engines, and trans parts. We do still have some N.O.S. parts left.

(208) 536-6607
Large selection of parts cars and parts for these years. Good trim, sheet metal (48-54 especially), good grills, bumpers,ect. lots of straight 8 engine parts. Fair selection of 55-58 parts icludeing 2 door harpdtop parts cars left. We also have a good selection of nail head engine parts.
HUGE selection of parts and parts cars. Lots of riviera parts cars left. We have bumpers, grills, sheet metal, engine, and transmission parts. We also have some interior and convertable parts. Our engines include 401/425 engines, and 430/455 engines.
62-76 Skylark/Apollo
Good selection in these years, several 62-63 special, Skylark parts cars. We have some good 215 engines left. We still haver a fairly good collection of 64-65 parts but 66-67 has been picked over there are still some parts for those 2 years. Our 68-72 parts still take up alot of our space these parts include bumpers, grills, quarters, engines, transmissions, and sheet metal. we do have some GS parts cars left in our yard we also hae several sport wagon  parts. We have a fair amoiunt of 73-77 Century parts which include sheet metal, bumpers, and trim. Also if you are looking for Drivetrain, interior, or N.O.S. parts we have them to.
We have some parts in this range of years.
We have a HUGE selection of parts in this 10 year span. Sitting in our yard and on our shelves are a array of items includeing bumpers, grills, sheet metal, drivetrains, engines, and tranmissions. We also have several 2 door hardtops left, and we carry a fairly well amount of 55-57 parts. Don't forget we still have a few 58 parts cars left.
Our 59-76 collection is MASSIVE our heavier amount is in the year range of 63-70 but we have good coverage in all years. Our facility is home to trim (interior, exterior, and N.O.S.), glass, bumpers, grills,sheet metal, drivetrains, transmissions, and engines.
Notes to customers
  • We are a desert salvage yard so our large selection of sheet metal is rust free or near rust free
  • Some of these parts have been on our shelves since these cars were almost NEW!